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Universal 3D VR Box Virtual Reality Glass Video google cardboard Game For Adriod IOS Phone

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1.Creative and Cool design.
2.The lenses of the 3D video glasses has been specially designed which can clearly amplify the picture of your mobile phone that you watch and give you a wonderful 3D experience.
3.The effect of the glasses is equivalent to watching a 100" TV screen at a distance of 1.5m at home.
4.Have this, you can watch 3D movies through your mobile phone at home and everywhere, and you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch them.
5.Headband 3D video glasses, you can choose your favorite and the most comfortable gesture to watch movies without restriction, standing, sitting or laying.
6.Comfortable wear, the length of the headbands is elastic and adjustable.
7. Compatible with mobile phone with its size between 3.5'' and 5.6''.
8. No wires, it is a wireless device so your movement is not restricted, it will connect wireless to your smartphone.

Note: Please check if your phone's length is no more than 12cm, and the wide is no more than 9.6cm, otherwise it could not be used.

3D Glasses Specifications:
Color: black
Size: 17*12*9.6cm
Material: ABS + spherical resin lens
Virtual screen: 3.5''~5.6'' mobile phones

Package include
1 x Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses for 3.5"~5.6" Smartphones
1 x Instruction Manual
How to use(Below is Action Step. The Specific Action Illustration Please See Glasses Manual)

1.Download & Play test the Video: after getting the products, you should scan the QA Code to get the app.
2. According to the meun, select the processes to install the 3D player and games
3. Equipment usage, Open the top adsorption type switch, then put and adjust the phone into the glass
4. Close the 3D glasses
5. Put the 3D glasses on your head
6. Adjust the lenses to suit your pupils, make sure the screen is clear and you feel comfortable
7. Motion Control : You can shake you head from left to right to select the screen.
VR Games: You can shake you head to control the game.


SKU 1205

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